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Organization name Tvider
Organization URL
Legal name Tvider
Headquarters 4580 Automall Parkway, Suite #121,
California 94538, United States
Phone number (510) 405-8663


EVP Shaheer Ahmed
Employees 17


Type of entity Privately held company
Founding date June, 06
Market presence Global
Seeking expansion Global


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Tvider is a free service to share audio, video and pictures on Twitter. It is the easiest and quickest way to share multimedia in real time on Twitter from your mobile phone or computer. It can also be used effectively to share multimedia on social-networking sites like Facebook, Orkut and MySpace.


Tvider is available at  for online users.  While Tvider application is available on mobile phones for iPhone, BlackBerry, J2ME, BREW, Android and Symbian handsets.


The Tvider team is in continuous process to envision innovative ideas to provide rich multimedia micro-blogging experience. It is our commitment to offer users, both personal and commercial - a seamless experience, whether sitting in their office or on the road. To empower developers, the Tvider team is creating a developer ecosystem by exposing the production APIs. Tvider is making its presence felt in mobile and online media sharing platform. Also, Tvider is expanding its business relations with cellular operators and OEM handsets.


We are based in Fremont, California and Singapore and have development center at India as well.

Our pitch:

Tvider provides a strong and innovative mobile and online media sharing platform.

What we are looking for:

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