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Organization name MobileMonday Barcelona
Organization URL
Headquarters Llacuna, 162-164,
08018, Spain
Phone number +34933568677


co-Founder Rudy De Waele
co-Founder Carles Ferreiro
Event Producer Deisi Fritz
Employees 3


Type of entity Local chapter
Founding date July, 06


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Mobile Monday Barcelona is a leading networking event supporting the local mobile industry. The idea behind Mobile Monday is to bring together local people and companies interested in mobile: to meet and chat with each other, see what others are doing, share ideas, and possibly even work together. Events are organised on a regular basis in Barcelona, one Monday each month, the events are free, and open to everyone. Check this blog for more details before each meetup for topics, times and locations.

MobileMonday Barcelona exposes local mobile developers to foreign companies and markets, and gives opportunities for non-Spanish wireless industry players to meet their Spanish counterparts.

Our pitch:

MobileMonday is a community of mobile professionals. The open community promotes the mobile industry and fosters cooperation and networking among industry people and their companies by providing opportunities for personal and virtual contacts.

What we are looking for:

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